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The President did not have Complete Control

After long awaited, eventually the formation of cabinet unveiled this evening. At 17.00 o'clock, Jokowi, the president elected, exit the palace, walking to the park which is prepared before. With usual his style, he start to speech and announce 34 cabinet. Jokowi was accompanied by Jusuf Kalla, usually called as JK, and their wife, respectively.

I can not hide my surprise, watching Arief Yahya mentioned on the announcement. Arief Yahya was a CEO of Telkom. He develops his career on Telkom entirely. Arief has occupied a director twice. Instead of Arief, Telkom has passed two talent, Arief Yahya as a minister of tourism and Rudiantara as minister of ICT. Currently, Rudiantara is a commisioner of Telkom.

As long as i know, Arief Yahya was a part of Hatta Rajasa's flock. Moreover, i saw the endorsement of Telkom on the latest Rajasa's campaign, by providing Rajasa's promo on front-page of But, anyway....that's the politics, no permanent flock and of course no permanent enemy as well.

I will not write detail about Arief and Rudiantara. As my focus is the delay of announcement. Initially, Jokowi said that announcement would be held on Oct 23th. But, Jokowi postpone until 26th. The palace mention KPK as a consideration. At first, the announcement has been scheduled at 16.00 o'clock, but eventually, suspended until 17.00 o'clock.

It's interesting to ask why did the important event delayed? i know exactly, no best answer for this question. The answer is always depend on viewpoint.

In my point of view, the delay was related to many interests from many parties. KPK was only one of them. Jokowi was facing many people, many institutions, even many medias. Jokowi had to deal with many interests into one agenda, is indonesia better. So, it's not easy to deal with it. In other words, Jokowi did not have complete control on formulating the cabinet.


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