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Jokowi's Cards

Immediately after Jokowi raised BBM prices, he launched three cards namely Health Card, Smart Card, and Welfare Card (Kartu Indonesia Sehat, Pintar and Sejahtera). The cards are a kind of direct aid for the poor. It is aimed to maintain purchasing power of people and level of welfare. At first glance, it looks useful. Of course, people would welcome ecstatic, particularly the poor. They can use the money for anything they want. Hence, the program will raise goverment image. Goverment will get immense public support. Is it really useful? To be honest, i have to say NOT. Why? These the reasons: 1. The program is going to maintain purchase power, and help people to buy fuel. But, it is only useful for a moment, short time. It does not effect economic in the mid and long term. 2. The program would endorse negative culture of people, specifically as a nation of beggars. Please take a look at a country in middle east. Citizens are rich, but we do not see any achievement from them. be

Rising Oil (BBM) Prices

As usual, i go back home from office at about 20.00. At that time, i can reach home only about 45-60 minute, because the traffic is slightly ease. Not as usual, I was shocked last night. I was trapped in traffic jam for almost 1 hour. I tried to ask someone, why it's so jammed. They said easily "BBM". Oh, okay, i understood. Then, i called my wife and asking about BBM. She said that the president has raised BBM's price from 6.500 to 8.500. I am sure, no headline of today newspaper, except rising oil prices. This issue always disrupt the country over years, whoever the president. In my opinion, actually BBM's issue is not really complicated, if we face the issue from business view, instead of politics view. But unfortunately, politicians always make this issue as part of bullets to shot their opponents. Please take a look this history. When SBY raised BBM, PDIP attacked Demokrat, and on the contrary, when JOKOWI raised BBM, Demokrat carried out the same thing

Hard Weekend

This monday, I woke up early morning, 04.30. I could not open my eyes. Went to bed again. Ten minute later, woke up. Ohhh, really hard. Bed again. I really woke up at 05.10 eventually. Walked to the kitchen, took a cup of tea, seat down in family room for a moment and went to bathroom. Yaaaah, it is a hard morning for me. Not because of monday, but i have had a hard week end. On Saturday, i went to office, to support and check staff's activities in the field. I arrived at home at about 15.00, and i face a lot of homeworks that have to be carried out. Alhamdulillah, some homeworks could be finished, even though it has passed maghrib time. After that, i went to bathroom and prepared for maghrib praying. While praying, my friend came. Ohhhh, he asked me to accompany him to travel to Pekalongan, my home town. I could not refuse, then i just followed. We left home at about 21.00, by my friend's car. Unfortunately, the traffic was not too good. So, we came in Pekalongan at abou

Something Wrong?

I do not know exactly, why i am so busy now a days. Actually, my newest job is similar to the previous one. Because at this time, i carry out the same responsibilities. Until right now, i have been thinking, what the reasons, and unfortunately, i have not got the answer.