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Menampilkan postingan dari Oktober, 2014

The President did not have Complete Control

After long awaited, eventually the formation of cabinet unveiled this evening. At 17.00 o'clock, Jokowi, the president elected, exit the palace, walking to the park which is prepared before. With usual his style, he start to speech and announce 34 cabinet. Jokowi was accompanied by Jusuf Kalla, usually called as JK, and their wife, respectively. I can not hide my surprise, watching Arief Yahya mentioned on the announcement. Arief Yahya was a CEO of Telkom. He develops his career on Telkom entirely. Arief has occupied a director twice. Instead of Arief, Telkom has passed two talent, Arief Yahya as a minister of tourism and Rudiantara as minister of ICT. Currently, Rudiantara is a commisioner of Telkom. As long as i know, Arief Yahya was a part of Hatta Rajasa's flock. Moreover, i saw the endorsement of Telkom on the latest Rajasa's campaign, by providing Rajasa's promo on front-page of But, anyway....that's the politics, no permanent flock and of course

Economic Data

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in 3Q14 was about Rp 78,3 trillion, whereas domestic direct investment was Rp 41,6 trillion. So then, total direct investment of 3Q14 was amounted of Rp 119,9 trillion. Meanwhile, total investment in year 2014 was been predicted as many as Rp 456 trillion. As of year, export will decrease compare to previous year. Analyst predicted about USD 184,3 billion, under previous prediction which is about USD 190 trillion. I can hide my surprise, while read data of tobacco excise. In fact, the goverment has targeted tobacco excise as many as Rp 120,5 trillion in 2015. With this number, we can calculated the number of rupiah from a cigarete is about Rp 80 - Rp 375. From this contribution, so i can imagine, how difficult is goverment want to prohibit people from smoking.

The Law Which is Confusing

I have just prayed in mosque in my office. The preacher conveys some rules from Quran and Hadist to answer variety problems we are facing today. "As we know, our council has just appointed a new governor, Ahok. And we all have known, who he is. Again, he is a Christian. How could we accept him, whereas we all know that muslim must be leaded by muslim. Muslims are prohibited from lifting a Christian leader. On behalf of democracy, we accepted him as leader. What kind of us?" The preacher said. This is an example of problems we are facing today. Many muslim are confuse with rules that seems irrelevance nowadays. I will mention some rules that are confusing for muslim, and i am sure that it must be evaluated to overcome current and upcoming cases. However, i am sure also, that no rules would be accepted by all muslim. As muslims have been devided into many difference flock. Here are: 1. Muslim must be leaded by muslim leader. This rule has been stipulated in Quran. But,

Leaders Need to Communicate Well

I just talked to "Pak Camat", who has responsibility in certain area in North Jakarta. He is very entusiastic, excited, and maybe a little of talkative. He talked about last camat competition, Jokowi, Ahok, human resources in Jakarta and other thing like it. I try to listen, and put some response. Frankly, i was reluctance to listen, but i do not have any choice. Although i have wasted my time, fortunately, i still get benefit from him. While he mention about Jokowi, he said, "basically, Jokowi did nothing in Jakarta. Because he communicate well with citizens, people accepted and willing to vote him as a president". So, my conclusion is: to be successfull leader, you can not merely rely on your performance, but need to communicate well with people and every one which is related to your position.

Challenge Writing

Basically, i love writing. And i will write something that is in my mind. But unfortunately, it has been almost one year, i have not written even one article. I do not know completely, why is very hard to start writing. My last article have been published by in end of last year. Actually i have a plan to publish my own book last year. But i was fail. Therefore, It must be this year. But, it seems difficult to do that. Eventhough i have completed the job more than half. Oh, my god. Nowdays, i can not prioritize my work well. I was very busy all days. i do not know anymore, which one is important, and which others are urgent. everything must be completed as soon as possible. Since now, i have to decide to manage my time better. Always take some hours to relax and think something. Try to write something, eventhough it is not important, or even useless. Just try to write, and let's see the rest.