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More Reasons for Smartcity of Jakarta

Indonesia is knowned as fourth-largest country in the world by population. As common habits of post-colonial nation, urban population continue to grow in size.Indonesia's urban population has hit 120 million. Bappenas has predicted, the number continues to grow to 152 million in 2025, 67.5% of population.Jakarta, as capital of the country, has population of 11 million at night and jump to 14 million at noon. In 2013, Jakarta has 4.1 million cars and 11.9 million motorcycles.According to Jason Pomeroy, award-winning architech and urban planner, Jakarta has to adopt mixed-use developments, as a key to urban problem.From ICT's view, Jakarta has to adopt smart city concept to make comfortable unvironment for forthcoming citizen. How smart city could solved urban problem in Jakarta? Read my other articles. . . .

Muslim Galau Sikapi ISIS

Islamic State leader accepts allegiance of Boko Haram. Demikian headline harian The Jakarta Post, 3 Maret 2015. Pada tulisan tersebut, pemimpin ISIS menyeru kepada para calon mujahid yang tidak bisa masuk ke Syria dan Irak agar bergabung dengan Boko Haram di Afrika Barat. Pada halaman yang berbeda, koran tersebut juga memberitakan 16 warga Indonesia yang dinyatakan hilang di Turki, setelah berpisah dengan agen perjalanan yang diikutinya.Di hari yang sama, koran Republika memberitakan 11 warga Indonesia, yang terdiri dari satu lelaki dewasa, empat perempuan dan sisanya anaka-anak, ditahan petugas imigrasi Turki karena diduga ingin memasuki Syria sebagai calon mujahid.Menteri Luar Negeri RI melaporkan, sampai dengan saat ini sudah teridentifikasi 541 warga Indonesia yang bergabung dengan ISIS. Jumlah tersebut dikawatirkan akan terus naik. Karenanya Pemerintah menghimbau para pemuka agama untuk membantu melakukan sosialisasi bahaya ISIS.Fenomena kemunculan ISIS di Syria dan Irak serta Bo…

HTC is Striving For Survive

HTC, the most popular brand from Taiwan, is struggling to survive in this competitive market of smartphone.
Basically, HTC has strong experience on smartphone, due to its history on the industry. Even compare to Samsung, HTC seems has more competences.

But, as we know recently, experience can not ensure the competitiveness of brand. New brand can arise dramatically, just for a while, beating the old one. Namely Xiaomi, Oppo and along others.

On the other side, some old big brand really struggle to maintain their market share such as Sony, Blackberry, HTC. Some others, even disappeared from the industry, namely Nokia, Erricson.

Recently, HTC tried to maintain their market share by announed newest smartphone entitled One M9. This item is successor of previous item, One M8. HTC embeded this product with latest technology and features to attract buyers. Analyst predicted, price wuold be around $694.

HTC has reached peak performance in 2011, with estimated 21 million of sales and NT$187,9.…