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Rising Oil (BBM) Prices

As usual, i go back home from office at about 20.00. At that time, i can reach home only about 45-60 minute, because the traffic is slightly ease.

Not as usual, I was shocked last night. I was trapped in traffic jam for almost 1 hour. I tried to ask someone, why it's so jammed. They said easily "BBM". Oh, okay, i understood. Then, i called my wife and asking about BBM. She said that the president has raised BBM's price from 6.500 to 8.500.

I am sure, no headline of today newspaper, except rising oil prices. This issue always disrupt the country over years, whoever the president.

In my opinion, actually BBM's issue is not really complicated, if we face the issue from business view, instead of politics view. But unfortunately, politicians always make this issue as part of bullets to shot their opponents. Please take a look this history. When SBY raised BBM, PDIP attacked Demokrat, and on the contrary, when JOKOWI raised BBM, Demokrat carried out the same thing.

From my point of view, i agree to raise BBM, because the following:
1. BBM's subsidy has undermined state budget, because the proportion was larger than 20 percent.
2. I have seen in some countries, including Hong Kong and Korea, the price of BBM was higher than Rp. 10.000 per liter. So then, i guess that the normal price of BBM is higher than Rp. 10.000. I suggest we have to follow the actual market.

Hopefully, the country will get better, amin.


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