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Challenge Writing

Basically, i love writing. And i will write something that is in my mind. But unfortunately, it has been almost one year, i have not written even one article. I do not know completely, why is very hard to start writing. My last article have been published by in end of last year.

Actually i have a plan to publish my own book last year. But i was fail. Therefore, It must be this year. But, it seems difficult to do that. Eventhough i have completed the job more than half.

Oh, my god. Nowdays, i can not prioritize my work well. I was very busy all days. i do not know anymore, which one is important, and which others are urgent. everything must be completed as soon as possible.

Since now, i have to decide to manage my time better. Always take some hours to relax and think something. Try to write something, eventhough it is not important, or even useless. Just try to write, and let's see the rest.